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Why You Have to Try Chain Piecing

Why You Have to Try Chain Piecing

Are you ready to learn how to save time, save thread, save money, and have some fun doing it?

What Is Chain Piecing?

Quilt chain piecing is a popular technique used to save time when creating quilts. You take your fabric sandwich and sew it together, then instead of pulling it out from your machine and cutting the threads, you butt up the next sandwich and sew it through. Repeat this with all your pieces. Then, after all of your pieces are through, you will take your long chain of quilt pieces and cut them apart. There are lots of handy tools to help with making the cutting easier. You can find both homemade and store-bought cutting tools.

Benefits Of Chain Piecing

  • Save thread
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Very satisfying


Chain piecing is a great way to save both time and thread when sewing. This method involves stitching multiple pieces of fabric together in one continuous chain rather than stopping and starting for each individual piece. This can be done with any basic straight stitch, and the process is quick and easy. The advantages of this technique are:


  • It saves you a lot of time as there is no need to stop and start for each individual piece.
  • It also helps to save thread since there is just a stitch in between pieces instead of a long piece on each that you cut after you pull it out from the machine.


Chain piecing is definitely worth trying if you want to save time or money on your next project!

How To Chain Piece


1) Line up all your fabric sandwiches, those two pieces of fabric you're sewing together.


2) Sew one with your 1/4" seam allowance or specified seam allowance.


3) Sew a second fabric sandwich right away without lifting the presser foot or touching the first sandwich.



4) Keep doing this with as many fabric sandwiches as you have ready to go.


5) Pull out your chain and cut the thread.


6) It's kind of fun to hold your chain up or drape it on a chair and maybe take a picture or two.



7) Next, you'll cut each one apart.


8) Now, you have the choice to sew another piece on the end or go iron each one. It depends on the project or my mood for which way I go.


9) If you're ironing, do that now.


10) Keep repeating your chains for as long as it's easy and working for you.


Tips & Tricks for Successful Quilt Chain Piecing

Use High Quality Threads and Fabric

Using high quality threads and fabrics is an essential part of any successful quilt project. High quality threads and fabric will last longer, hold up better to wear and tear, and maintain their color and shape much better than lower quality alternatives. Investing in high quality threads and fabrics is an excellent way to ensure your finished product looks professional and lasts for years. Yes, here's your encouragement to go buy the thread you want!

Treat Yourself

Treat yourself to either rigging up a homemade cutter or purchasing one if you do a lot of quilting. You'll be glad you did. They beat using scissors, though there is nothing wrong with those too.

You've Got This

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I hope you'll try chain piecing if you haven't already. It's loads of fun!


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